Graceland RV Park & Campground

Graceland RV Park & Campground 

Date of stay: 12/05/2021 – 12/11/2021

We stopped there so we could explore the city. Graceland is pretty around Christmas time. The Graceland Mansion has changed so much since we were there in 1985. We stayed a week and it was worth it. Went through the museums and they did a fantastic good displaying all of the families history.   

We traveled downtown to eat and walk around. We also purchased concert tickets to see a Christmas program on the Graceland Theater. Was amazing. 

The most interesting part was that we were in a weather advisory that turned into a tornado warning and we had to seek shelter in the park restrooms. The tornado was dotted 1/4 of mile from us.   

Met some nice people in the middle of the night in your pj's sitting in the women's restroom. LOL!!

8 out of 10

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