Bird's Underwater Manatee Dive Adventure Spring 2023

February of 2023, our daughter Tara came to visit and wanted to do something we all have never done before. So, I was on a mission to seek out something. I found something that was even on Tim and I’s bucket list.

Snorkeling with the Manatee’s. It was the adventure of a lifetime. Famous Bird’s Underwater Manatee Dive Center in Crystal River, Fl. We had Captain Glen and Sara that guided us on our tour. They took us to a perfect spot and taught us how the manatees will let you know how much interaction they will give you. We were in the water for 2 ½ hours swimming with them. Breathtaking to see these creatures in their own space. There had to be 100’s of them. They have a barrier that they know no one can touch them. Let me tell you they are big and friendly. They even feel slimy. On that day we observed a couple of Mom’s with their calves.

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